Summarize 9 ways to keep your kitchen clean while you cook (Usually, there are always 10 tips. Where is the missing one??) Same as my previous post, always use a garbage bowl near your cutting board. Think through the recipe or cooking steps beforehand. Use a flexible cutting mat so you can put cut vegetables/meats inside the pan or bowl very easily. (see picture) Pick up anything that falls on the floor right away. But be careful if it’s near the stove and the stove is on. Safety is more important. This you can wait and clean it up after cooking and when the stove is off. Put reusable measuring teaspoons in a cup so you can easily reach and reuse them. Put a small plate near the stove so you can leave your spatula or soup spoon there while cooking. This avoids stains dropping from your spatula on the floor or stove. Use a splatter shield/screen on the stove to avoid grease splatter. (This I haven't tried it yet. Not sure if it's good to use.) Clean accidental stains immediately. Clean while you wait for cooking. Wipe down the counters and clean utensils right after you’re done using. Or at least leave them into the water for easy cleaning later. No rush, cook slowly!