Date Ideas

    1. Go see a new movie
    2. Have a romantic dinner (or try a new cuisine)
    3. Have a brunch or nice breakfast outside
    4. Take a a picnic to the park
    5. Visit the zoo or aquarium
    6. Watch the sunset / or sunrise (not both…it will be a very long day)
    7. Take a dance class together (remember not to dance with others…otherwise you will know what jealous will bring.)
    8. Cook at home together
    9. Browse your local bookstore
    10. Read the same book
    11. Have a dance party at home
    12. Karaoke night
    13. Go for a long drive
    14. Visit an art gallery or a museum
    15. Go to a farmer’s market
    16. Watch a sports game
    17. Watch a TV series or a TED talk at home and discuss after
    18. See a live show
    19. Watch each others’ old favorite movie
    20. Arrange a get together with other couples
    21. Have a picnic on your roof
    22. Go to a theme part and/or fair
    23. Find a free concert night
    24. Get a couple massage
    25. Go bowling
    26. Go window shopping or real shopping
    27. Take a long walk on the beach or lake
    28. Act out a play
    29. Recreate your first date
    30. Fly kites
    31. Wine or Beer tasting
    32. Do an art project together
    33. Go go-carting
    34. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows
    35. Do a volunteer activity
    36. Have a pool day
    37. Have a campout
    38. Go to a tailgate
    39. Play a board game
    40. Go paintballing
    41. Start a garden
    42. Go ice-skating
    43. Make a blanket fort
    44. Go horseback riding
    45. Play mini-golf
    46. Play video games
    47. Role play
    48. Go kayaking
    49. Visit garage sales
    50. Go Hiking

    Any other ideas?

  • Go for a bike ride or play sports together

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