• Four Key HR Trends To Watch In 2018:

    1. Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience
    2. Race to Digitalize HR
    3. People Analytics Entering Organization Structures
    4. The ‘Gig Economy’ Redefining the Workplace

    Note: The BBC defines the ‘Gig Economy’ as “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs”.


  • 2018 Recruitment Trends According to Experts:

    1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Rise
    2. The Power of Big Data and Data Analytics
    3. Redesigned Interview Strategies (Video assessment, virtual reality technologies, demo work…)
    4. Positive Candidate Experience
    5. Employee Wellness Programs
    6. An Alternative Work Option in the Gig Economy


  • (SHRM) Look ahead at HR trends for 2018:

    1. Finding the right talent
    2. Upskill, Reskill, Upskill
    3. Online Learning
    4. HR Chatbots
    5. Flexible work arrangements
    6. Employee Experience
    7. Global Leaders
    8. Community Focus
    9. AI in HR
    10. Continuous Performance Management

  • (HRZone) 2018 HR trends: what’s in store for the industry this year?

    1. From employer brand to employer trust
    2. Loyalty is dead, long live loyalty
    3. Let the robots help
    4. The new career path style

  • (HR in Asia)
    Top 5 Workplace Trends for 2018:

    1. Emphasis on the employee experience
    2. Offer more flexible work arrangement
    3. AI and machine learning will play strategic role
    4. Priority on human-centered benefits
    5. Support for more work-life balance

  • (HR Morning)
    Four HR management trends coming to 2018:

    1. Flexible work schedules on the rise
    2. A growing remote workforce
    3. Social recruiting on the move
    4. Using technology for HR program management

  • (BPM, Germany)
    8 HR Trends 2018:

    1. „Future proof“ – create the organization of the future with work 4.0
    2. Flexible work needs a transparent framework
    3. People Analytics – Digital data analysis facilitates HR work
    4. Gender Pay Gap is so yesterday - ensuring remuneration transparency
    5. We need a pact for digital education!
    6. What role does the works council play in the agile sprint? Thinking through participation and employee participation
    7. Future of Recruiting – candidates become customers
    8. Digital HR of the future

  • (SHRM)Top 6 HR Technology Trends for 2018:

    1. Blockchain
    2. AI foundation
    3. Intelligent apps and analytics
    4. Internet of Things (IoT)
    5. Digital twins
    6. Conversational platforms

  • (Willis Towers Watson)
    Top 5 HR Priorities for 2018:

    1. Know your business, customers and competition
    2. Being tech savvy
    3. Data needs to be interactive
    4. Engaging digital talent
    5. Diversity and wellbeing

  • (Forbes) The 2018 Human Resources Trends To Keep On Your Radar:

    1. Passive candidates
    2. A remote workforce
    3. Blind hiring
    4. Gamification
    5. Future-proofing employees

  • This post is in Chinese.
    (能力雜誌) 2018年獵才8大趨勢 (8 Recruiting Trends 2018):

    1. 被動人選 (Passive Candidates)
    2. 遠端員工 (Remote Workforce)
    3. 盲聘 (Blind Hiring)
    4. 遊戲化 (Gamification)
    5. 培養未來不受科技進步影響的員工 (Future-proofing Employees)
    6. 管理科學化與軟體機器人(Bots)共事 (Work together with Robots)
    7. 強化雇主品牌形象、強化求職者的體驗 (Strength Employer Brand, & Emphasis on the Employee Experience)
    8. 關注零工經濟 趨勢 (Gig Economy)

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