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  • Step 1. Mandatory Residence Registration (Anmeldung einer Wohnung):

    All residents in Germany, if planning to stay more than 3 months, must register your residence (called Anmeldung) within 1~2 weeks of your arrival at the local residents’ registration office (Bürgeramt, Einwohnermeldeamt, or the “Kreisverwaltungsreferat” if you’re in Munich). Some authorities specify a deadline of one week only.

    A 1-page format of registration confirmation (Meldebestätigung) will then be issued. If later you move to a new apartment/place, remember to re-register (called Ummeldung) with the new address within 1 or 2 weeks. When leaving Germany, one must deregister (called Abmeldung).
    You will need this piece of paper, Registration Confirmation, to do many things as your proof of address, for example, longer-term visa application, work permit, or open a bank account etc.

    Required Documents:

    1. Valid passport or ID
    2. A completed Registration Form (Anmeldeformular)
    3. A copy of the Lease / rental agreement (Mietvertrag)
    4. A confirmation Letter from Landlord & with his/her signature (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)*. This is a new requirement since November 2015. It needs to be filled in by your new landlord (or main tenant).
    5. Other documents for the family: Marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate


    • Pay attention that some registration offices can only be paid with girocard in conjunction with the PIN (formerly EC card), no cash payment.
    • Some people mentioned that if you couldn’t find an apartment within the time frame, it’s possible to register with your hostel or hotel. Please double confirm with the people there.

  • Find regional residence offices:

    Either google search “einwohnermeldeamt + city name” or
    Check out this website: meldeaemter.de for a list of German towns and their registration offices.

    If you are in Berlin, here is a quick link (make an appointment, forms, information).

  • Question: What if I couldn’t get an appointment within 2 weeks?

    Answer: The official website says if you miss this date, you have to pay a fine. But in many cases, if you can prove that you have made an effort to make an appointment at the registration office within 1 or 2 weeks, it should be ok. Big cities are often booked out fast.
    Right now, I just checked the online appointment in Berlin. The earliest date I can get is 3 weeks later. So, make sure you make an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Anmeldung” in Berlin: Forms

  • Sample Registration Form (Berlin)

    • In Berlin, both the new registration and re-registration (move to a new address) use the same form. That’s why it has “previous apartment” column.

    • The Question, “Die neue Wohnung ist: alleinige Wohnung, Hauptwohnung, Nebenwohnung” is asking if people have more than one apartment in Germany, then need to identify which one is the main or secondary apartment. For most of us, it’s “alleinige Wohnung”, one apartment.

    Tips from others:

    1. Registration Form: Leave the box for "Religion" blank, unless you want to pay the church tax (8%~9% of income tax).

    2. Make sure to put your name on your mailbox once you’ve registered, otherwise, your posts may not be successfully delivered to you. (e.g., Letter of Tax ID number, Letter of Broadcast Tax).

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