Work together in self service with Team Publishing

  • The key to giving your customers a great self-service experience is having great content. To create that content, you need: 1) staff to create it; and 2) a process to verify that the material to be published is correct. For large teams and growing teams, this means getting the whole group on board to lighten the load. With the Team Publishing functionality included in our Zendesk Guide Enterprise plan, large teams can easily establish this process, collaborate on content, and manage knowledge internally and externally, as well as across multiple brands.

    This white paper outlines how to prepare everyone to achieve these goals and: Establish a review and publication process that includes reconsidering the meaning of “article” and writing articles in the language of each of your clients. Leverage agent expertise and integrate article writing into your workflows. Generate articles quickly. Learn more about how Zendesk can help you power your own content pipeline with Team Publishing, among other great features, in our new Guide Enterprise product . About White Paper Author Netherlands Phone Number Benjamin Keyser After realizing that art school didn't promise to be the economic platform he had envisioned, Benjamin began his technology career answering customer service questions.

    After a few years he worked as a support engineer, but realized that he probably had more aptitude for design and communication than programming itself, and so he took over a technology blog posting. . Years later, Benjamin gradually moved into product design and management, and since then, he has dedicated himself to improving the work of customer service agents and content writers (among others). Benjamin leads the Zendesk Guide product team. Look him up on LinkedIn .

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