Martech Adtech and Madtech All About These Concepts

  • The increase in startups in recent years has been quite significant. According to the most recent surveys . There are more than 13.000 startups mapped and the country already has 16 unicorns companies worth more than 1 billion in the market. When we talk about entrepreneurship nowadays it is almost impossible not to mention startups. In this scenario. Understanding concepts to fit businesses into the right categories is critical. Within the digital universe. These concepts serve to separate startups according to the solutions they offer. Some of these companies work with media. Advertising and marketing allied to technologies . Which are called martech. Adtech and madtech. To better understand what each of these types of startups is about. Follow this post to the end! Martech.

    Adtech and madtechwhat is martech. Digital transformation is very important to characterize a company as a startup. After all. The use of technology is linked to innovation . One of the pillars of these business models. Which are emerging and bring new solutions — especially when we are talking about digital New Zealand Phone Number marketing. The term martech combines two words to present the concept of innovative companies that work with marketing. Thus. The junction of marketing and technology gave rise to martech. Which refers to the use of technological tools. Processes and platforms . Using these tools . Marketing problems are solved through technology . In other words. Those automation software. Applications and other solutions that facilitate the daily lives of professionals originate from martechs. Therefore. These platforms optimize activities and help professionals achieve better results using technology applied to marketing.

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    Examples of martech applications any professional. who works in digital marketing knows the importance of technological tools . Virtually all activities carried out use platforms. Processes and other solutions that are based on technology. So. Understand what martech applications are. Web analytics : allows you to generate reports that show the efficiency of formats. Channels and other data that show consumer preferences to improve customer experience; crm : relationship software helps to get to know leads better and provides information to personalize each one's journey; social media management : tools are capable of scheduling posts.

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