What is a QR code and how to generate it yourself

  • QR codes have been used for several years in the field of marketing and advertising. They are very useful for quickly obtaining information on any aspect or for easy and direct access to a web page or any of its sections. From Óptima web , if you want to know what a QR code is and how you can create it easily and for free, do not miss the article that we show you below. Table of Contents What is a QR code QR code functions Storage and diffusion Create relationships between the consumer and the company At Óptima Web we are experts in digital marketing.

    How to use the QR code correctly How to generate a QR code Select a QR code generator Design and link the QR code Try the QR code Sweden Phone Number Monitor and analyze code performance Websites where you can create a FREE QR code QR Stuff QR Code Kaywa QR Code Generator UQR. QR Code Monkey Unitag QR What is a QR code The QR code refers to "quick response", which means quick response. This type of code allows great accessibility since we only need our Smartphone to capture images and thanks to software that has QR codes we can access the information encrypted in the codes.

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    This type of code is very versatile because it can be implemented in any medium, so anyone can access your website, your company data or any other information you want to give. On the other hand, they tend to create a certain special interest in users, because it generates curiosity. What is the QR code We can say that the QR code is a digitized and advanced evolution of the barcode. It stores information in a series of dots or in a two-dimensional barcode. When reading it on mobile with a specific reader, it will take you to an application or address that can be both a location map, a web page, a social network profile, etc.

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