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  • Photographers can gain recognition and measure their work against colleagues around the world by participating in online photo contests for beginners . Online photo contests are a great way to hone your talent and expand your expression, whether you're a professional photographer, student, or hobbyist. There is a wide variety of online photo contests that can inspire photographers of all ages and skill levels all over the world. There are many specialized online photo contests ranging from underwater exploration to monochrome themes to smartphone-focused snapshot festivals; you're sure to discover something that matches your interests and creative outlook outside of the vast international photography competitions.

    Although many of them are free to enter, some photography contests and prizes may charge an entry fee. While participation can be South Korea Phone Number rewarding in and of itself, some of the online photo contests also offer sizable cash or in-kind prizes, in addition to the visibility you'll gain if you win one. Top 5 Online Photo Contests You Can Enter in 2021 With so many online photo contests to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and effort. Based on popularity, entry criteria, and prizes, we've compiled a list of the best online photo contests from around the world. 1. International Photography Awards Registration deadline: March 14, 2021 early registration deadline.

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    Categories: Professional and amateur categories divided into 13 categories each. Entry Fee: A single image costs 35 in the professional categories and 25 in the non-professional categories. Serial images of 2-9 photos are 60 in the professional categories and 50 in the non-professional categories. Additional categories and countries have discounts. 2. Istanbul Photography Awards Istanbul Photo Awards website Image sourced from Istanbul Photo Awards Registration deadline : March 18, 2021. Categories: There are four different categories. Entry Fee: Free prizes include 8,000 for Photo of the Year, 5,000 for category winners, 3,000 for second place and 1,500 for third place.

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