How to Prepare for the Growth of Your Business in the Provider Market

  • Never before has there been such a growth in the percentage of Brazilian households with internet access. After all, 7 out of 10 homes already have access to the internet, as the country gains 10 million internet users a year . Quite a change in consumption habits! On the other hand, the large territorial dimension of the country prevents the coverage of more isolated municipalities by large operators. This makes room for local entrepreneurship . In this sense, the telecommunications market has witnessed the increasingly effective performance of regional providers. According to Anatel data, they are responsible for 83% of new internet accesses .

    Although the crisis has in a way paralyzed business in several sectors, know that it is time to move forward. So, if you are looking for growth opportunities in the provider market , read on and find out how to stand out! The stages and challenges of every internet provider First of all, it is necessary to know the phases Argentina Phone Number internet provider goes through along a journey. Thus, it is possible to identify behaviors and set more consistent goals for the growth of a business. After all, at some point, dreams and goals need to get off the ground. Come on? Micro provider: the first stage Inevitably, everyone starts here. Entrepreneurs who start out as micro providers have, for the most part, an almost amateur management structure.


    Small provider the beginning of a structuring According to Anatel, the National Telecommunications Agency, small providers hold 22% of the country's broadband market . At this point, it is necessary to leave informality for good and adopt a management system to deal with information about customers, teams, processes and equipment. Values ​​such as quality and stability are essential to survive this stage and advance even further in the provider market. In this sense, the vast majority of competitors cannot move to the next stage because they do not have technical and management knowledge. Those who invest in more in-depth training stand out. Medium and Large Provider: It's Time to Think Outside the Box Here, the entrepreneur already has an interesting income.

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