Why should duplicate content be avoided Know everything.

  • Have you ever heard of duplicate content Maybe you don't quite see what it is Or why everyone advises you to avoid duplicate content ? Overview of everything you need to know about this practice which can have direct consequences on the SEO of your website! What is duplicate content? We can translate this expression by “duplicate content” in French. Does that already seem clearer to you? Duplicate content therefore designates the presence of the same content on the same site or on different websites. In summary, here we have to do copy/paste and this practice is penalized by search engines! Google will for example detect this duplicate content.

    It will then identify the original or most trustworthy page. The page of the copier will then be less well referenced… Google's objective being to offer Internet users quality content. A tool like Google Search Console will help you find out if Google has penalized you. If so, a message was sent to you in the tool to let you know. Most often, if search engines find only a few Country Email List duplicate paragraphs or pages, the site will not be penalized as a whole, only the content concerned will be affected. But you might as well avoid this practice if you have put in place a content strategy , it would be a shame to reduce your efforts to nothing! avoid duplicate content How to avoid duplicate content? You have all implemented so that your site is well referenced, so that your SEO strategy is effective, so here are some tips to follow to avoid duplicate content! No copy/paste : even a small duplicate paragraph will be spotted by search engines.

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    Take the time to rephrase rewrite your texts make them yours use your own words in short offer totally original content ! Titles and meta descriptions : if you have similar content on several pages of your site, consider changing the titles, subtitles and meta description. Be careful with urls: be sure to use "canonical" urls, if you have the same content under different urls, this tag will indicate the main url to the search engine and avoid any identification of duplicate content. Use control tools : depending on the theme you are dealing with, it is not always easy to be original, you can write duplicate content without realizing it! There are online tools that make it possible to check that a text, a piece of a paragraph does not already exist on the web.

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