What Are Mental Triggers in Inbound Marketing

  • You may not have realized it yet but everything you read on the internet was strategically thought out. Blog articles , social media posts, even videos are built using techniques. Such strategies aim to reach a specific goal with who is consuming the content. The goals are many and range from getting you to sign up to buying a particular product. But of course, to get there, it takes planning and persuasion techniques. In today's article, produced by FreshLab, we will show you the main mental triggers used in Inbound Marketing. Let's go? But, after all: What are mental triggers? As the name itself gives us an idea, these techniques aim to arouse some behavior.

    In this way it is necessary to use some phrases or strategies that are triggers . Such sensations can be both good and bad. Everything will depend on what is the purpose behind using them. If we want to convey an idea that something is negative, for example, we can do this by arousing bad feelings. That is, we talk about something Whatsapp Mobile Number List is a difficulty, difficult situations, among other things. Now, if the goal is to be positive, then we're going to talk about benefits and advantages. But what about Inbound Marketing? What is Inbound Marketing? In order to better explain what mental triggers are, we need to talk about Inbound Marketing. Basically, this action aims to produce free and informative content.


    So companies all over the world talk about their services and products. But, of course, they have a goal behind it: to sell. This is exactly when the triggers come into play. That's because, to achieve these sales , it takes technique. Thus, using strategies that help consumers to complete their shopping journey is essential. During the production of materials, some mental triggers are used. But let's see what they are: Examples of mental triggers Scarcity Urgency Authority Reciprocity social proof When we talk about this strategy, there are many examples that can be cited. Each one has a specific objective and, therefore, acts in a unique way. Check below the main triggers used in Inbound Marketing strategies: Scarcity Scarcity is one of the most used strategies when selling products.

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