Simple stitch sheet 5 steps to automate the stitch sheet

  • Many companies suffer from problems in journey control in addition to the huge conference work. That's why a simple automated timesheet is essential. The point control must be practical, simple and the calculations must be automatic. That way we avoid overcomplicating things, leaving everyone confused and increasing the chances of mistakes . With automations , we achieve a much more effective management. That is, do you know exactly who has a lot of hours to be compensated? Or do you know which department is doing the most overtime? That's the power of having a simple, automated timesheet. So, keep reading to learn how to optimize this process and have powerful people management.

    What is a single stitch sheet stitch sheet Photo by Freepik The simple time sheet is the means where employees record entry times intraday breaks and exit. Thus, it is Country Email List possible to ensure that the journey limits established by law are being complied with. In addition, it allows the company to be sure that employees are complying with the agreed time. So, that's what the timesheet is for: control. It is important to note that companies with more than 20 employees are required to control the time, according to art. 74 of the CLT. However, the law does not impose a specific method, so it is possible to use manual, mechanical or electronic means.

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    However the big problem with the manual time sheet is its ease of fraud and low productivity. As for fraud the employee can easily put different schedules from those performed. It is also possible to register the point for a colleague. Incidentally, the strikethroughs are also a problem, because at the conference the DP will have difficulty understanding the record. Therefore, the time sheet demands a lot of work. After all, it is necessary to check sheet by sheet, perform each calculation individually and hope that you have not made any mistakes. Anyway, the whole process can take weeks depending on the size of the team. So simple timesheet automation becomes a necessity for any company.

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