Is it viable to consider a doctor's clinic as a business profession?


    There is a profession in every aspect,from a rickshaw bala to a Port owner.They all live with a specic purpose.Either earning or making family happy they do hard eorts to do anything.But all related to money making.Some people say it’s all money making things.But one thing you notice yes they earn money but are not they doing something relevant or helpful to you?If a rickshaw bala drives a rickshaw then he drops someone in his/her need time.If Port owners make money then they earn money to import something good(GOODS).Don’t you think the same proportion should be utilized on doctors.They earn money from patient treatment or appointment.Yes but what about products and items.They can’t store items it’s illegal,all are rubbish.Let’s share a story.

    It’s a summer 1998,I was just about 2/3 years maximum.My father was doing a job in Clinic in,Bhubaneswar,Odisha.At that time situation was even worse.Not much advanced machines with much prohibition in doctor’s area.They could not buy nor store anything.A man came with his wife.His wife lost her leg due to mole growth.At that time she was unable to move from either side also.You just imagine they went through an auto and clinic was near about 7-8 kilometer away from their home.

    Doctor did X-Ray,due to some other issues she had an unbearable back pain also.she could not move through places.There is not a single surgical store also,nearby and medicine stores did not store those things at that time.Due to wright patient needed a XXL size abdomen belt.And pain was severe,situation became so worse that she had to shi 15 KM away Governemnt hospital and that size was not even in medical counter also.That time it was about 10 PM.Less stores with suppliers and also you know 10 PM in Bhubaneswar and in 1998 means it’s like give up situation.Now a days people become conscious about their health so made decision preliminary stage,and also items are available in surgical stores.So not to worry,but at that time it was like impossible.So aer that pain became so dangerous she had to shi to ICU and government hospitals.Aer being struggle through whole night nally next day morning husband went to multiple stores to t the perfect size of his wife.She was even treated by Ice,heat everything.But when she wore aer that doctor got to know it was her long before problem.

    Many people say the same thing about Doctors.Like It’s more money making thing than a treatment.But you should know if some items won’t be stored then how and why emergency will work.Medical Products are as important as a cancer treatment as well as medicines.Same importance.But still there are not a plenty stores to available items to patients’ places.Companies like provides B2B platform to hospitals and clinics but issues still happened because of thinking process.Not doctors give orders like 2 lakh or 3 lakh,They give as per requirement.That time disease was also not huge ,today many diseases born and many more disorders,diseases,but lack of items at emergency timing as well as lack of trust on sellers.Because a patient trusts high only on doctors rather than any third parties.So indirectly patients get beneted.Some complains about doctors receive margins.Yes government gives maximum facility in free to patients now a days.But if you are giving it a free then you have to reduce timing also.Better to purchase at same time rather standing on a queue to receive products and reports aer 1 month.Emergency situations become worse.Many patients bargain if doctor does not have margin then don’t you think it will be a harsh to supply in Loss.If doctor is not satised ultimately patients also will not be.Doctor is the prime head on any treatment process so he holds the responsibility in every aspect of medications.

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