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  • Did you know that e-mail marketing is the digital channel that provides the most sales in any business? Yes, it's not your website, not a blog, not even your social media. It's e-mail marketing that will bring more income to your business! Because it allows the distribution of relevant content and useful information, it has a wide reach, yet it is segmentable, users are practically always with their email open. In addition, it is a direct and agile means of communication, which, despite requiring prior collection of contacts, has an excellent cost-benefit ratio . There are several features that make e-mail marketing the best tool you can introduce into your digital strategy: features of email marketing more than business.

    It has personal value segmented custom detailed versatile enduring planable easy answer measurable testable how to start using e-mail marketing? The enormous importance of e-mail marketing results from being a communication channel that can be used to maintain relationships with current B2B Email List and potential customers, combining great reach, efficiency and personalization, at a low cost. However, one of the first decisions you will make in your business is which digital marketing tools you will use at the beginning of your journey. As you are at an early stage of your business, you naturally end up looking for the most economical solution to meet your needs, but often, the cheap ends up being very expensive up front.


    There are several e-mail marketing tools that provide you with (up to a certain point) free use, but eventually you will reach this offer limit, which will force you to subscribe to the paid version of these tools. It is therefore extremely important that you evaluate the free version of the platforms, but always with an eye on the future, predicting how much you will have to invest once your business starts to take off, thus avoiding all the effort, time and money you have to invest to migrate to another tool. What is the e-goi free email marketing plan like ? Taking all these factors into account, e-goi's free plan (social one) is probably the best solution for anyone starting out in e-mail marketing , as it is much more than a free tool.

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