Growth Hacking Strategies to Optimize

  • Growth hacking is a relatively new discipline of digital marketing aimed at growing a business with the same resources . Your design can be perfect, you can offer great content, but if you can't convert customers, something is wrong. If you want to know how growth hacking can improve your conversion rate , keep reading. We give you strategies to optimize the CRO (conversion rate optimization) of your website. NEED MARKETING SUPPORT? FIND YOUR TEAM What is growth hacking? Growth hacking is a working methodology. We could say it is a combination of web analytics, content, and automation focused on growing the business fast. In order to optimize the conversion rate, growth hacking advocates a hypothesis that is tested and, if it works, doubled until it no longer works .

    And if it work you introduce variables and repeat the experiment. Hypothesis – experiment – ​​execution – analysis, and start again. You may be interested: Key steps and tips for creating an international site creativity process illustration Source: Rawpixel Growth hacking techniques for converting Fax List your website Use optimized landing pages A good home page must be created with a view to converting , making a purchase, capturing a lead, collecting information…. Direct your SEM campaigns towards these goals and build user loyalty. Bring up the necessary information and clearly state what the call to action is.

    Facilitate content sharing If you spend time taking care of your content, why not make it easy for your users to share ? If you have a blog, place visible sharing buttons and don't hesitate to ask users to share your content. Use A/B testing Tools like Google Optimize make experimentation a lot easier. If you think there is something not working on your website , do some A/B testing. The same goes for email campaigns, which replace the main subject or image. This way, you will end up knowing what works best with your users. Related Content: Growth Driven Design: The Essential Methodology for Your Website Ask your users Email automation is necessary.

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