In the midst of the crisis an online gift shop almost triples its sales

  • The need to be on digital has been intensified with the pandemic but having an online store is not enough if the right tools are not used” With less investment, Mundo Wine, an online personalized gift shop, had a 284% increase over the same period last year. With more traffic, more orders and a much more robust billing, the store celebrates the results even in a period of crisis, since between April and July 2020, it saw its billing increase by 396%. 284% growth during the pandemic. A statistic that does not sound new, but it is among the sectors classified as essential for this moment.

    It turns out that the number belongs to Mundo Wine an online store specializing in personalized gifts, home furnishings and accessories for wine lovers. “We were already prepared to face recession, especially in the months of April and May”, emphasizes manager C Level Executive List Celize Gelain. The key turning point for Mundo Wine, however, happened when the owner decided not to accept with folded arms that the economic moment would justify the drop in sales. doubly online While many understood social isolation as a threat to their business, Mundo Wine, which has been on the market for almost 4 years.

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    saw that it was possible to reverse the impacts of social isolation and make moments at home even more special. “We already had the online store, with the logistics fully prepared to sell throughout Brazil . We quickly realized that ads would be an important way to make us stand out, but the way we were doing it, the results were always similar”, adds the manager. Until April, the online store concentrated all paid media efforts internally, among team members. “We realized that reviewing paid media campaigns could be a good way to seize the moment and turn it into a business opportunity.

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