Oracle and Aloo want to improve cloud data transmission in Brazil

  • Data storage in the Cloud has received a lot of attention in recent years. Having as main advantages in its favor the fact of not limiting the data to a physical server, more and more European companies are surrendering to cloud services, especially when it comes to email and additional storage . It was for this same reason that the American multinational Oracle recently joined forces with the Brazilian company Aloo Telecom to offer high-speed data transmission services via the cloud.

    In a statement released this Monday, Aloo Telecom , based in Alagoas and a leader in the data transmission sector in the Northeast, indicated that the initiative is "part of the company's expansion strategy in the national territory". The first stage of this expansion should take place in the next two years. The Aloo Cloud Powered by Oracle tool had gone on sale in June, using the high-speed fiber optic network for data Industry Email List transmission, with a capacity of four terabytes per second, according to the statement. Cloud data: what are the objectives of this partnership.

    Brazil today on average five terabytes of internet are consumed per second, and our expectation is that usage should reach 20 terabytes per second over the next three years”, said Felipe Cansanção , executive director of Aloo Telecom , in statements to the press. Oracle 's Vice President of Innovation for Latin America , Fernando Lemos, highlighted the network infrastructure of the Brazilian company, which has 3,000 corporate customers in 14 states. The alliance is the first of its kind established by Oracle in Brazil , the fourth in Latin America.

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