Is Social Commerce Worth It for Your Business

  • Social commerce allows brands to use the terrain of social networks not only to interact with their consumers, but also to sell their products and services, generating a new counter for online retailers and wholesalers. This format, which unites e-commerce and social networks, has arrived as a facilitator for the customer, who has the chance to complete the purchase within the platform, eliminating possible friction at checkout on the site, and as an opportunity for the store owner, who can approach the consumer where he spends most of his day: social media. performance-content-description-of-product-digital-nation Below, you can see the advantages of social commerce, which platforms offer this possibility, as well as quick tips for putting this new sales channel into operation.

    Don't miss it! What is social commerce ? Social commerce is the strategy of selling products on brand profiles on social networks, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, chatbots or Artificial Intelligence assistants. The difference between social commerce Job Function Email Database and e-commerce comes down to where the shopping experience takes place, and that includes browsing products, adding to cart, and checkout. In social commerce, everything happens within the social media platform. Advantages of social commerce The biggest benefit of starting to do business on social media is making sales directly on the platforms.

    Through social commerce your brand can offer the public the opportunity to research, discover products, compare and make purchases without leaving social networks, where they spend most of their time — 3h42 per day in Brazil, the third highest in the world , according to The Digital 2021 Global Overview Report . The possibility of completing the purchase on the social network itself ends up simplifying the process, eliminating points of friction and reducing the risk of the customer giving up halfway through. In 2021, 55% of internet users between 18 and 24 years old bought something through social networks.

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