5 Pillars of a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Imagine the following situation: you are in a meeting room right now. The room is closed and you are focused. Suddenly, someone comes in to pass you an urgent message. There are two ways this scene can happen: first scene Without knocking on the door, the person enters saying what he wants, interrupting the meeting; second scene The person knocks on the door, asks permission and gives his message. Which of the situations seems more pleasant to you? The obvious conclusion about which of these scenes is the most appropriate has a lot to do with how we should think about the sales strategies of your product or service.

    In the midst of all this taking into account inbound strategies is prospecting your potential customers in a way that goes against what we describe in the second scene. Before understanding the 5 pillars, it is important to emphasize the potential of content marketing for your company: Content marketing mobile phone number list costs 62% less than traditional marketing; 2 out of 3 marketers say the blog is “critical” or “important” to their business; 46% of daily searches are for information about products and/or services; 72% of executives say social media helps close deals; 275% is the average return on investment (ROI) produced from online public relations campaigns.

    The 5 pillars Just 'not being more of the same' is not enough if this differential is not accompanied by assertiveness and a strategy that seeks good results based on a sense of the reality of the whole. 1. Know your target audience as well as your product/service Is your target audience's profile clear to you? It is essential that it be. Knowing more about who you are going to prospect is a step that guarantees the delivery of a product or service perfectly aligned with those who need to believe in it. 2. Offer Relevant Content and Visitors Will Come Naturally Once the content platforms (website, blog and/or social networks) and your target audience have been defined, the time has come to apply good and nothing old content marketing.

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