• Hello SEO people In this article, learn more about the 3rd Core Web Vitals metric: CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift , referring to page stability. Learn how CWV CLS is calculated and situations that can hurt your CLS score. After articles on Core Web Vitals summary, what is LCP and FID, it's time to address the last metric: CLS (although there are many other metrics involved, as it was possible to observe in the article on FID). If you haven't checked out the previous articles after reading about CLS, check out: Core Web Vitals I: what is it and how does it affect SEO? Core Web Vitals II: What is LCP? Core Web Vitals III: What is FID? Is the CLS metric really important? Yahoo! Japan News reduced CLS by.

    Decreasing the number of URLS with poor performance in search console by 98%. As a result, they saw a 15.1% increase in page views per session, 13.3% longer session durations and a 1.72 percentage point decrease in bounce rate. Source : WPO Stats The Yahoo! Japan News reduced CLS by .2 and saw poor executive list performing URLs reported in Google Search Console drop by around 98%. As a result, 15% more pageviews per session, 13.3% longer session duration and a drop in bounce rate. index hide What is CLS in Core Web Vitals? How is CLS calculated? What ideal CLS value should my site have? How do I measure my website's CLS.


    Test Core Web Vitals in the field Test Core Web Vitals in the lab How to improve my site's CLS? Conclusion Share! What is CLS in Core Web Vitals? The CLS metric, or Cumulative Layout Shift , represents page stability during load . You know when the page starts to load, you will click on a button…. suddenly, it changes places and your click ended up hitting another action you didn't want? Or you think you've finished loading the page and then... the first fold down to open an ad at the top, which pushes the contents down. Lousy, isn't it? CLS measures the sum total of all individual layout change scores for each unexpected layout change on the page. A layout change occurs whenever a visible element changes its position from one rendered frame to the next.

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