Review and Reviews of Cloud Telephony Mastertel

  • ![alt text](image url)IP-telephony Mastertel allows you to provide flexible working conditions and high-quality communication in the client's company. Mastertel IP telephony has a set of all necessary services and functions: PBX, simple memorable numbers, long-distance and international calls at low prices, integration with CRM, as well as a wide range of cloud products for communication standards IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Mastertel IP telephony is provided to subscribers in Moscow and St Petersburg. As a basis for IP telephony , Mastertel uses a modern fiber-optic network with MPLS, SDH and PON technologies, the nodes of which are located on the territory of the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

    Mastertel IP telephony is designed for companies with any number of employees: individual entrepreneurs, corporations, small and medium-sized businesses - it is easily scalable. Mastertel IP telephony provides the following benefits: instant connection with subscribers; high quality communication; multiple duplication of digital channels for Cambodia Phone Number List uninterrupted communication of network subscribers; stability at maximum loads on the line; multichannel; round the clock technical support; scalability; the possibility of individual configuration; all VATS services; call tracking; integration with CRM.

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    Mastertel cloud telephony allows you to ensure the work of the company, organize a full-fledged call center, manage incoming and outgoing calls without being tied to the physical office of the company, organize audio and video conferences. Cloud PBX Mastertel is connected by call or request through the website. The tariff for communication services is determined by the volume of functions and solutions. Virtual PBX Mastertel Virtual PBX Mastertel allows you to choose beautiful numbers from a dedicated pool with a prefix of 495 and 499. Numbers are connected using various technologies (traditional or digital lines, IP and SIP technologies. Virtual PBX Mastertel integrates with the client's existing PBX, if necessary, the company provides additional equipment.

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