Discover home myopia tests and see their risks

  • Due to the great limitation that the ophthalmological market has been showing, we have been able to observe that a large portion of the population has started to use home tests to diagnose certain eye problems, such as myopia.

    However, several ophthalmologists have already declared and warned that such tests pose numerous risks to the individual's eye health. Unfortunately, even with these warnings, people haven't stopped using this alternative. In order to change this situation a little, we at SunKids decided to show you the main risks that these tests pose, something you should know about!

    What are home myopia tests anyway?
    The home tests were created by the population, in order to serve as a way out of the obligation to go to the ophthalmologist to have a diagnosis of myopia . The real objective of this test is to verify if the individual has such a syndrome, and if so, to give a basis on its degree.

    Unfortunately, these procedures will never be more recommended than procedures performed in a laboratory, since, in addition to not delivering the same precision, something that is fundamental to maintaining our ocular health, this test can only “diagnose” myopia , and if the individual has some other eye problem, it will eventually develop due to lack of treatment.

    Such a point may seem silly, but several surveys have shown that approximately 30% of the entire population currently has an eye problem of a significant degree, and the vast majority of these cases could be avoided if they were discovered in advance, that is, with a Diagnosis performed by an ophthalmologist.

    How do they work?
    There are 2 different ways these home tests are performed today. It can be said that the second way manages to be very similar to the tests carried out in ophthalmic offices, however, the lack of appropriate equipment and knowledge of a professional ends up making him inefficient in the same way. The main ways to perform these tests are:

    The first test is performed based on images, where the individual must cover Ireland Email List one of the eyes, and thus, try to see the letters present in a given image. These images are usually presented with unique colors and formats, in which they manage to trigger some sensors and characteristics that we have in our eyes.

    Through this, a brief test is carried out, and according to the result (that is, with what you saw from that image), it is defined whether or not you have myopia, together with its possible degree.

    letters and numbers
    There is also the test based only on letters and numbers, which has a great similarity with professional tests. In general, the individual should open a specific image for this test, which has some letters and numbers of varying sizes.

    With this, the individual must identify all the letters and numbers of a certain level and advance to the next one, until the time comes when such action becomes impossible for him. When this level is reached, you will be presented with the degree of myopia you have.

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